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All services* are available in private, semi-private and group.

We encourage friends, spouses and families to train together. The programs below entail specific sessions, utilizing cutting edge workout techniques which enhance your chance for success. Our approach to personal training is results driven, challenging, yet fun and equipped to transform your life!
- Monique Hollowell
Sports Conditioning: All of our athletes undergo an initial evaluation to record baseline measurements and assess their physical condition. This evaluation is necessary to identify each athletes specific need so their training program may be properly designed and assess any specific orthopedic problems, which may need serious attention, prior to training. Our sports conditioning programs are divided into three distinct phases, with each phase progressively becoming more sport specific. The three phases include general conditioning, muscle hypertrophy, strength development, and power development. Our training programs include nutrition, strength, flexibility, core/balance, speed agility and plyometrics.

Corrective Exercise: Our corrective exercise training is safe, fun and effective for those who are experiencing achy joints, lack of joint mobility form current/old injuries or those looking to enhance or maintain their current fitness level through functional exercise. Our program will help increase muscular strength, movement and activity for daily living skills. The program is also designed to increase flexibility, balance and joint range of motion.

Pre-Post Natal Fitness: Work out and feel great during and after your pregnancy!  Our program is based off the Bellie Fit Basics programs written by Fit for Lafemme owner, Monique Hollowell. Experience the benefits of less physical complication, healthy weight gain, ease of vaginal delivery with minimal medication and
quick post partum recovery. A beginner or fitness enthusiast will benefit from our functional fitness training, for pregnancy. Stay fit for one of the most rewarding experiences in your life!

Body Sculpting: The elite Body Sculpting, entails goal specific training to gain lean body mass while losing inches and body fat. This program focuses on weight maintenance and re-shaping rather than weight loss.
Weight Loss Plus: If you need to lose 15 or 50+ pounds, Weight Loss Plus is for you! This service includes a ground breaking results program for losing weight, inches and body fat.

As a "genius of the body" Joseph H. Pilates created a method of total body conditioning that emphasized proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flow that resulted in increased flexibility, strength, muscle tone, body awareness, energy, and improved mental concentration. Our Pilates programming, offers a combination of training principals derived from The Pilates Coach and Stott training systems. We provide: Pilates Mat w/props and Pilates Reformer training*

*Reformer training is only available, if the client has Reformer equipment in the home.

Business Workshops And Seminars: M Mobile Gym’s mission is to transform lifestyles through fitness. In our Nations crisis of obesity, most Americans need motivation and incentives to lead a healthy lifestyle. M Mobile Gym provides motivational services for community and Corporate events. Our workshops and seminars combine health and wellness lectures, fitness and fun activities! Each workshop and seminar ranges from 2-4 hours.