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Our Commitment to You: Lafemme Mobile Gym gets back to basics where fitness comes to you! Our commitment is to 'Transform Bodies from I Wish to Have,' through personalized exercise and nutrition programs which suit your lifestyle. No more excuses or reasons why you cannot be the most fit YOU, when you have your own personal fitness coach! All of our Independent Mobile Trainers (IMTs) are certified fitness professionals, fit and equipped to help you towards your goals. Our programs keep you consistent and committed leaving you feeling fantastic, and ready for results. 

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Is Lafemme Mobile Gym just for women?

No, Lafemme Mobile Gym is not just for women. Our programs cater to everyone. We have men and women IMTs and encourage all individuals to take advantage of our services.

What is my commitment?

Your commitment is the dedication and willingness to work hard and reach your results! We encourage a minimum membership duration of 12 weeks, to give your body time to re-shape and maintain the new you! We have several program options suited just for your lifestyle!

How much does it cost?

Your program is a valuable investment. Your health and fitness is priceless and should be handled with great care. Your Lafemme Mobile Gym investment is dependant upon your goals, current exercise program, and time commitment. Please contact your local IMT to schedule a consultation and discuss your program towards better health. We have several payment options which give you the availability to start immediately and pay as you go!